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7/10 - 7/20

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nir Chernia

Product Manager, Engineer, Designer, Amateur Photographer and DJ. He also got a B+ in an Algebra II test one time.

Nir on Discord

Chris Jul-ul

Finance by day, creator of things by night, gamer at heart. Always with a blank stare because he’s constantly thinking about what to create, or what he’s eating for dinner.

eloitschris on Discord

Don't be afraid to reach out ;)

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Creative Brew Hall of Fame

WinnerEventSubmissionAward DateSpotlight Link
Nir**Holiday Meme Starter Packwww.thesubmission.comDec.
eloitschris**Photo Re-createwww.thesubmission.comJan.
Llanilek**90s Sample Beat Battlewww.thesubmission.comMar.

**above entries are examples and will be removed after first event.

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